The subject of money is a loaded one isn’t it? For those of us who are “free spirits” and have a laissez faire attitude about money, we’re not too keen to look into or deal with our credit. When I did a few years ago, I was made aware of two tax liens which didn’t belong to me, another two items that were also bogus –I was one of those people whose data was compromised by the State of South Carolina-and loans reporting in default when, in fact, they were being paid. These derogatory items severely undermined all of the good, positive accounts I have maintained over the years and compromised my financial future.

Because dealing with the credit bureaus is a labyrinthine exercise in a time suck, frustration and a barrage of paper, my attempts to rectify these matters were fruitless. My patience expired a long time ago and these items sat on my bureaus like boat anchors making my scores plummet, putting interest rates into the stratosphere, and being declined for credit.

A friend of mine referred Dwayne Calk of Mr. Clean Your Credit. From past dealings with a credit repair agency a decade ago, my suspicion and distaste of the industry was high. Because of the value I put on my friend’s opinion, I engaged Dwayne in January 2014. Positive results started coming in within 30 days. Since numbers speak for themselves, let me share the trajectory of my FICO score: January 606; April 656 and as of early May 2014 its 737. Dwayne’s efforts have eradicated all of the past derogatory items, save two, which should be removed in the next 30 days. Listening to Dwayne’s counsel, I strategically paid off certain lines of credit and drastically reduced others. This financial management, coupled with the removal of derogatory items serve to keep those scores climbing upwards.

Thanks to Dwayne’s efforts, my credit has gone from sub-standard, to golden and is on its way to bulletproof. If you have credit challenges, I would urge you to contact Dwayne. If you think highly of yourself, which you should, your credit should reflect your worth.

A Very Grateful and Happy Client, Dallas/Fort Worth
I have purchased my home and I could not have done this without your help! I am forever grateful and hope to tell anyone that has been in my position to have hope because I know this amazing company that will help you with your credit!!!
I am a happy lady….THANK YOU THANK YOU.” Lisa, Washington
I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by & that you were able to remove 68% of the derogatory information is amazing. Thank you so much for your advice, time and energy you put for helping me get this behind me. I am so happy that I’m now able to apply for home loan without being rejected.
Denise, Texas