Our Client’s Mid-Score Climbed 62 Points from our Credit Repair Services

At MrCleanYourCredit we feel our credit repair services are second to none. In by going with us you’ll receive outstanding customer service. Your calls will always be answered or returned promptly and all emails are replied to within a very reasonable amount of time, typically within minutes of receiving your email.

Joseph was referred to us in January 2015. Though this report was pulled in January, he did not engage our credit repair services until February 18, 2015. At that time, his mid score was a 631. After just over 3 months of being our client we felt he had gained enough points to accomplish his goal of becoming a homeowner. We noticed the improvement we had made, reached out to him and suggested that he contact his referring loan officer so she could re-pull his credit.

On May 29, 2015 he contacted his loan officer, she re-pulled his credit and his mid-score rose 62 points up to a 693 well over the needed 640 score required for his particular home loan from our credit repair services. His Experian score climbed up to a 708 as evident in the image below. This increase actually would have been much higher but he increased the balances on his revolving lines of credit throughout the course of our program. Nevertheless, he’s very happy with the quick results and they’re working on his loan application at this time.

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Credit Repair Services-MrCleanYourCredit

These results are far from atypical! We will not encourage a person to become our client that is not going to receive good credit repair results—a mistake made by most other credit repair companies.

If you also could benefit from fast, effective, trustworthy and outstanding credit repair services, I highly encourage you to contact us. Invest the time in yourself and brighten your future!

Call us today at 214-207-1907. Alternatively, submit your contact information via our contact form and we will reach out to you.

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