Before & After 98 Point Increase Enables Home Purchase

A home purchase was the reason why Kelly was referred to us by her loan officer in June 2017. Despite the date on the credit report, she began her process with us on July 18, 2017. At the time, she had a 538 mid-score, well below the needed 620 to procure her home loan.

Kelly invested a nominal amount of money to have us perform one round of disputes for her. This process typically takes 4-7 weeks. After receiving all three responses from each credit bureau, we determined that she was ready to have her credit re-pulled.

As you will see below, on September 13, 2017, Kelly’s credit score climbed from a 538 to a 636–high enough where her loan officer put in an offer for a home purchase. See the below and after, side-by-side credit reports below

Click image to enlarge:

Home Purchase Enabled by MrCleanYourCredit Here is the thankful email her referring loan officer, Tracy, sent to us after re-pulling Kelly’s credit.
Email from Tracy-Home Loan-MrCleanYourCreditA 636 score is not the best and she desires to have better scores overall. We will be providing her with additional assistance in the near future and hope to update this post accordingly after the home purchase.

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