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Will Payday Loans Help My Credit Scores?

Will Payday Loans Help My Credit Scores? No, payday loans will absolutely not help your credit scores! Actually, having payday loans on your credit file will lower your credit scores. The more payday loans you have on your credit report the worse it is for your credit scores.  These loans are typically for people who cannot get funding…
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Should I Opt-Out of Prescreened Solicitations?

I always suggest that my clients opt-out of prescreened solicitations. Why? There are several reasons. From what I understand, the three major credit-reporting agencies’ main source of income is not by creditors and collection companies paying them on a monthly basis to report account and trade line information.  Their main source of income comes from…
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Credit Scoring Fact-Credit Card Balances vs. Installment Balances

Credit card payment history, or revolving credit, is much more important than installment loans when it comes to credit scoring. If you find yourself needing points on your score it will be much more beneficial for you to pay down any balances that you may have on your revolving lines of credit. Remember, any balance…
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