Paramount Recovery Systems Deletion Letter Received

Paramount Recovery Systems can be quite burdensome to many of our clients. They were quite a burden to our client Shahara and more importantly the account was very detrimental to her credit scores. On October 31, 2013, we received a response from Shahara, sent to her by them, in regards to a validation of debt request we sent to them on October 22, 2013.

This collection account was not that old.  It was opened in November 2011. The amount of the collection account was $240.00.  They were attempting to collect for an alleged unpaid medical bill.  Here is how the account was reporting on her credit report when she came to us in July 2013:

Click image to Enlarge:

Paramount Recovery Systems

Here is the response we received on October 31, 2013. Click image to Enlarge:


If you also could benefit from the removal of an account you may have with Paramount Recovery Systems, in addition to other negative items you may have on your credit report, we encourage you to call us at 214-207-1907.

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