National Credit Systems-Apartment Collection Deleted from Credit Report

National Credit Systems was attempting to collect $2,409 from our client Benjamin for an apartment complex he previously resided. It was explained to us that this account was inaccurate, according to Benjamin, so we included this account in our credit repair dispute process for him.

Initially, National Credit Systems verified this information as accurate with the three credit reporting agencies. We then proceeded to send a customized verification request directly to their company, via certified mail, demanding verification for this account.

As you will see below, they were unable to verify the accuracy of this account and they permanently removed this account from Benjamin's credit file according to this letter.

National Credit Systems DeletionIf you also could benefit from the removal of an account you may have with National Credit Systems, or any other creditor/collection company, we encourage you to call us at 214-207-1907. Alternatively, submit your information via our contact form and we will reach out to you.

Please note that if this is the ONLY negative account you have on your credit file, most likely we will not be able to assist you. We cannot guarantee the removal of any particular item from your credit file; however, the same amount of time, work and costs must go into the attempts of removing accounts. We strive for good reviews from our clients. We do not want unsatisfied clients, and in by enrolling a client with one negative trade line into our program, it leaves room for disappointment. Thanks for reading!

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