IC Systems Deletion Letter-750 Collection Account

IC Systems is, according to their website, “a family-owned and privately held company for three generations” based in St. Paul, Minnesota. They can be quite burdensome to many of our clients. Our client Olga was burdened by them until recently.  On August 16, 2013 we received a response from Olga, sent to her by IC Systems, in regards to a validation of debt request we sent to them on July 31, 2013.

This collection account was not that old by any means. It was opened in April 2012 and the amount of the collection account was $750. They were attempting to collect for an alleged unpaid First Choice Power account.  Here is how it was reporting on her credit report when she came to us and you can see that it was still under First Choice Power:


On August 16, 2013 IC Systems printed and sent Olga the following response. They claim “IC System, Inc. is not now nor have we ever reported docket number 440". That was an untruthful statement.


You can see a snapshot of this account from her Equifax response that we received.They most certainly were reporting that account, or docket number, to Equifax. Please excuse the highlighter that was used before we could scan this document. See Olga's Equifax response below.


If you also could benefit from the removal of an account you may have with IC Systems, or any other creditor/collection company, I encourage you to call us at 214-207-1907. Most likely, we will be able to assist you. In order to find out, you merely need to invest time in yourself to speak with us. Or, submit your information via our contact button and we will contact you.


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