Harley Davidson Rocks! Credit Repair Late Payment Deletion

Throughout Mark’s credit repair process we have gone back and forth with Harley Davidson a considerable amount of times. When it comes to the laborious credit repair process, the phrase “persistence wears down resistance” indisputably applies. Below are the unfavorable responses we have received since November 2011.

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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Late Payments

Harley Davidson Late PaymentFinally, today we received the response from Harley Davidson we have been looking for.  They have agreed to remove the late payment that was placed on his account in 2011. The deletion of this recent late payment is going to significantly raise his credit scores with the three major credit reporting agencies.

Harley Davidson Late Payments Deleted

If you also could benefit from a deletion similar to this one from Harley Davidson, I encourage you to contact us at 214-207-1907, or submit your information via our contact form and we will contact you!

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