Fast Credit Repair Results for Ricky-49 days Produced 64 Point Increase

Fast credit repair results are not always difficult to obtain. For example, our client Ricky received a 64-point increase in his credit mid-score within 49 days of engaging our services. Though he was referred to us February 29, 2016, he did not engage our services until March 15, 2016.

Ricky chose to go with our “one-round only” dispute process, which is more affordable than our full 6-month program, but does not produce the best possible results. However, it does produce fast credit repair results. He has the option to continue on with the full program if he chooses. His scores are still very much sub-par, and not quite where he needs them to be in order to procure his home loan. You’ll see that his Equifax score was a 493 upon enrolling in our program. That score is now 42 points higher.

See the edited reports below and the side by side example:

Click to enlarge image:

fast credit repair

These results are not atypical. We will not encourage a person to become our client that is not going to receive good credit repair results. This mistake is made by most other credit repair companies, thus leaving many unsatisfied clients.

If you also could benefit from fast credit repair results from a trustworthy credit repair company, you are highly encouraged to contact us. Invest the time in yourself and your future!

Call us today at 214-207-1907. Alternatively, submit your contact information via our contact form and we will reach out to you.

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