Credit Repair Program Success-92 Point Increase

Christina started her credit repair program with MrCleanYourCredit on March 19, 2013. Upon entering our credit repair program, she had a mid-score of 611 reporting with Equifax. After precisely 8 months of working for her, we decided that we wanted to send her back to her referring loan officer to have her credit re-pulled. We felt her mid-score had climbed well above the needed 640 mark to enable her to qualify for a home loan. On November 19, 2013, her referring loan officer re-pulled her credit. We have placed a redacted copy of the first report next to the report pulled on November 19th below.

Throughout the course of our credit repair program, we raised her Equifax score up to a 776! That was an increase of 165 points. Her TransUnion score climbed up to a 703, which is currently her mid-score. The TransUnion score is up 155 points. Experian, who is notorious for being somewhat difficult, resulted in a score increase of 49 points, which is still great. Overall, her mid-score went from a 611 to a 703. That was an increase of 92 points in her mid-score.

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Christina is now set to obtain the most favorable rates out there. She is very near becoming a “well-qualified buyer”. Upon paying her credit card balances down, she will most likely bring her scores up to a 740, which should certainly result in the best rates available at this time, on anything she may want to finance.

If you feel that our credit repair program may benefit you, I encourage you to contact us so we can help determine if you also should expect to receive results similar, or better, than these results. Call us at 214-207-1907 or submit your information below via our contact form and we will contact you.


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