Credit Repair Companies…Do They Work?

Many people will ask if credit repair companies work when it comes to improving your scores. We believe that this testimonial will prove to any skeptics that MrCleanYourCredit can indeed help. Continue reading and we’ll show you how MrCleanYourCredit enabled Shelia to become qualified for a home loan through our program.

Shelia’s referring loan officer sent her to us August 20, 2013.  She became our client on August 27, 2013. After working on her credit file for 6 weeks we noticed that we gained great results from the first round of disputes using our program. We felt we had gained enough in deletions to boost her credit scores above the minimum 640 mid-score requirement.

The referring loan officer re-pulled Shelia’s credit.  Her mid-score is now, 6 weeks later, a 660 and she is able to move forward with the loan purchase. Here is a redacted copy of her report upon contacting us, in addition to a redacted copy of the report pulled on October 7, 2013.  Her credit score has climbed 47 points in just under 6 weeks time.

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credit repair companies


MrCleanYourCredit proved once again that credit repair companies do work and can work for you as well. Unfortunately, many companies do not properly differentiate the good candidates from the bad candidates for these programs.

If you need assistance give us a call at 214-207-1907. Unfortunately, credit repair companies have a bad reputation. We want to change that one client at a time. Contact us so we can determine if you can expect to receive results like these.


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