Credit Help Equaled and Enabled Homeownership

Christopher was desperately in need of credit help when we began working for him on January 6, 2012. After obtaining outstanding results for him over the last 5 months we suggested that he return to his mortgage broker to have his credit re-pulled, as he and his wife have been trying to obtain a mortgage on a home loan of their family. Below, is a redacted copy of Christopher’s credit report and credit scores when we started working for him.  Click to enlarge the credit report file.

Credit Help

After almost 5 months to the day from starting the credit help/credit repair process with MrCleanYourCredit, Christopher’s mid-score has climbed 111 points! They are in the process of closing on their home loan now. See the recent report below. Click to enlarge the photo.

Credit Help MrCleanYourCredit

We’re making dreams come true here. If your goal is to be a homeowner, you have blemishes, and need credit help, you should call us for a consultation at 214-207-1907.
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