CMRE Financial Services Medical Collection Deleted

CMRE Financial Services was attempting to collect $790 for an inaccurate medical collection that was reporting on our client Dana’s credit report.  This account was very detrimental to his previous credit scores.

Here is a snapshot of how this account was reporting on his Experian credit report in November 2013.


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Credit Repair Help Increased Mid-Score 77 Points in 28 Days

D’Wayne started his credit repair help with MrCleanYourCredit on March 11, 2014.  At that time, he had a mid-score of 584 reporting with Experian.  After precisely 28 days of working for him his referring loan officer re-pulled his credit report.  His mid-score climbed 77 points in that short amount of time.  His Experian credit score climbed 116 points.


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Healthcare Collections Inc. Unable to Verify

Healthcare Collections Inc. was attempting to collect $260 for an inaccurate medical collection that was reporting on our client Laura’s credit report.  Though this collection account was 6 years old, it was having a drastic impact to Laura’s credit scores.


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Experian Dispute Results-October 2013

We sent an Experian dispute directly to their headquarters in Allen, TX on October 1, 2013. Twenty-eight days later they printed and mailed the following response to our client Crystal.

Experian Dispute Results

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Credit Repair Companies…Do They Work?

Many people will ask if credit repair companies work when it comes to improving your scores. We believe that this testimonial will prove to any skeptics that MrCleanYourCredit can indeed help.

credit repair companies

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Credit Management LP Deletion Letter

Credit Management LP is a privately owned company based in Carrollton, Texas. They can also be quite burdensome to many of our clients. Our client Shantel was burdened by them until recently.


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How to Improve Your Credit Scores Fast

There are steps you can take in order to improve your credit scores fast. I frequently speak with individuals looking to improve their credit scores quickly due to a home loan purchase or to obtain other financing that requires good scores. While there typically is no “quick fix” there are ways that you can dramatically…
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