Clean Credit in 90 Days-69 Point Increase

Is it possible to clean credit in 90 days? Absolutely it is! Kelsey began our credit repair program on August 31, 2013. At that time her mid-score was a 589. After receiving and reviewing her responses from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax we felt that we had gained enough in deletions to provide her with the needed 640 mid-score to qualify for her home loan. We notified her referring loan officer of the news, had her re-pull Kelsey’s credit and to our delight her mid-score is now a 658, well over the needed 640 mid-score.

After reviewing the most recent credit report we determined that of the 14 negative accounts she had with Experian when we first began, she now has 10 remaining, which is not stellar, but we are talking about Experian who is notorious for being the most difficult credit bureau to deal with when it comes to this process. Here is a redacted copy of her credit reports before and after our first round of disputes. Click on the image to enlarge. Also, contact us to see if you will fall into our “clean credit in 90 days” category.

 clean credit in 90 days

We determined that of the 12 negative accounts she had with TransUnion, we removed 5 of those, thus leaving 7 negative accounts on file with TransUnion. We determined that of the 15 negative accounts she had on file with Equifax we removed 7 of them, thus leaving her with 8 negative accounts on file with Equifax.

Overall, between the three credit bureaus she started with a total of 41 negative entries. Today, and we are far from finished, she has 25 negative entries between the three credit bureaus. We permanently removed 39% of the negative information she had reporting between the three bureaus.

The law states that if an account is reporting inaccurately or is unverifiable it must be permanently removed from that person’s credit file. There were a total of 5 accounts that we removed from all three credit bureaus, totaling up to $3,077 in collections! That is remarkable and just shows what a worthy investment Kelsey made in herself in by joining our program. Not only are these 5 accounts never to be seen on her credit file again, in by removing them we also raised all three of her credit scores. What a “win win” situation! In order to clean you credit in 90 days we do need your participation. It’s not much. We simply need you to forward the responses you receive to us as quickly as possible.

If you could also benefit from clean credit in 90 days, or less, we encourage you to contact us at 214-207-1907. We will be more than happy to discuss with you your particular situation and determine if you also would obtain results like Kelsey. Our consultations are 100% free.  If we cannot help you we will tell you why and provide you with nothing but free and great advice. If we can help you, we will tell you how and how much your investment in our service will be. We will work as efficiently and as effectively as possible to clean credit in 90 days or less.

You have nothing to lose but a little time in discussing this with us. Surely you can invest the time in yourself. Call us today at 214-207-1907, or submit your information via the contact link below and we’ll reach out to you.


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