Before & After-Credit Repair Process

Credit Repair Process

Twanna started her credit repair process with us on in August 2012. On March 6, 2013 her referring loan officer re-pulled her credit. Her mid-score climbed up 95 points!

This was done in just over 6 months. Call us today so we can explain how we did this for Twanna, and more importantly how we can do this for you too! There is absolutely no advantage in waiting to bring your scores up to a respectable level, and our credit repair process can help you achieve this!

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Think of it this way; you are paying for this service right now in high interest, etc. If you do not have something financed at a ridiculous interest rate, you are paying for it in your insurance premiums, etc. not to mention enduring the embarrassment and frustration of not qualifying for the things you want, need and deserve in life.

Give us a call and let us determine if our credit repair process is right for you too. Call us at 214-207-1907.Or, submit your information via our contact form and we will reach out to you.

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