59-Point Increase in Mid Score-2 Months Time

DeAnna’s mid score was a 591 when she began her credit repair process with us on February 14, 2013. Now, just over 2 months later her mid is currently at a 650, and we are still working on her file. We just recently sent out her second round of disputes, which will produce additional deletions, thus an even greater increase in her scores. We’re not sure if her referring loan office will re-pull her credit again, as she should qualify for her home loan now that the middle score is over 640. However, if we receive another report in the future, rest assured that we’ll place another redacted copy of it here again.

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Mid Score Increase MrCleanYourCredit April 2013

If you feel you could benefit from an increase in mid score like this please give us a call at 214-207-1907. Alternatively, submit your information via our contact page and we will contact you.

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