53 Point Credit Score Increase-7 Weeks

After providing Ann with a substantial credit score increase we received the following email from her. After 7 weeks in our program she is now well over the needed 640 mid-score requirement to close on her home loan.

Credit Score Increase-MrCleanYourCredit

Below is a snapshot of the credit report pulled on April 1, 2013 next to a snapshot of the report that was pulled yesterday, May 21, 2013. Her mid-score is now up 53 points and we’re still working for her.


Before & After Credit Score Increase MrCleanYourCredit


If you could also benefit from a credit score increase like Ann, you should contact us at 214-207-1907. We are able to help most that contact us. A complimentary consultation awaits you. Alternatively, submit your information via our contact form and we will contact you.

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